The Hero Being

Dan Tocchini

Master Trainer and founder of Blood & Ethos

The Hero Being Process is an online gymnasium for your dreams, where you will develop your ability to use change as a creative force! Train yourself to prospect your thinking bymastering the 7 Questions and 4 Reframes. You will learn to order chaos and release beauty. You will discover how to re-align the assumptions that govern your life, transforming your ability to love others while liberating your conscience to heroically fulfill your unique purpose with freedom, love, and creativity.

Learn to:

1. Use our proprietary process of inquiry consisting of 7 questions and 4 reframes to open new possibility and inspire action in areas where you previously were stuck, transforming obstacles into opportunities. 

2. Master your thoughts and emotions to productively engage difficult conversations while deepening trust and intimacy.

3. Break free from shame and blame where it exists, ignite your passion for living your best life and inspire others to rise to their aspirations.

4. Create instead of compete and experience the power of community with those who share your vision.

5. Access flow states and develop supernatural resilience in times of loss and anxiety.

Dan Tocchini

Master Trainer and founder of Blood & Ethos

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