Step One

We will guide you to create a clear vision of what a life of meaning looks like for you during and after the event. 

Step Two

We equip you with tools that can open new ways of thinking, and being present each moment of your life, so you can create the life of meaning you want.

Step Three

You will get hands on learning through exercises that teach you how to use these tools to find and create the life of meaning your want.

About The Opening

A training to open up a life of meaning

It is easy to think in today’s world that we need accolades, status, material things, or success to make us happy. Yet, staggering numbers of people with those things are cutting their lives short. So what is missing? MEANING

At the core of our being, we long to know that our life matters and that our time with family, friends, and at work is making a difference. However, the battle to find clarity, confidence, and courage to step into the risk our relationships, work, and personal fulfillment are continually asking of us, can leave us settling for little to no meaning coming out of our daily efforts.

If you could learn to create deeper levels of meaning through your life, what difference could that make for you and those around you? 

Julia Woods







Years of Experience

Popular Courses

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UnLock Your Unstoppable

Everything you will need to clarify your vision, Unlock what is in your way, and experience the life you long for at home & work.


9 Week Course

Here are a few of the elements we will cover in the 2-days at the Opening.

  • How the conscious and subconscious choices we make contribute to where we are today
  • The foundation of all behavior: belief system, past experiences, automatic reactions and our human need to be right
  • Survival vs Thriving
  • Common thinking limitations: blaming, self-focused thinking, assuming the work, and minimizing
  • The power of interpretation of events - what I tell myself about what is being said and done
  • Responsibility and choosing
  • The power of contributing to others
  • Proactive decision-making
  • Effective communication - Living as your word

As you apply these practices in your life you can expect to experience:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Power to speak your truth
  • Ability to offer and receive feedback
  • Discover resources you didn’t know you had
  • Increased trust in yourself and others
  • See when you are in your own way and shift
  • Break repeating cycles in your life

In just 2 days, you can move from the frustration of knowing you are in your own way to being empowered through self-discovery, new tools, and brand new awareness of the powerful difference you make in the lives of others. 

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Some amazing companies we've had the pleasure to work with

I went into The Opening with my own judgments and expectations. What I walked away with was what I am missing out on in my relationships with my family and friends. It was an unexpexted gift that I so glad I did not miss.


Designer, Founder of APEX

The opening was a very pivotal part of my/our transformation, and other transformational work that I have done. It taught me what commitment really is in relationship and that it’s not all about me. You gain faith, fear, and confidence in every experience that you choose to stop and look fear in the face.

Brian and Sarah

World Changers, Entrepreneurs

After attending the Opening, I have new awareness of how much more control I have over my circumstances than I realized. I used to get stressed out and spiral into knee jerk reactions of working long nights locked in my office and now I am able to stop, take control of the anxiety and connect with my family.


Creative Entrepreneur

The Opening helped me see new possibilities and perspective in my life and relationships. It pushed me to step up, to own the person that I am, and genuinely show up in other peoples lives.


Singer Songwriter, Student

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Create A Life Of Meaning